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The DripperGripper !

The DripperGripper !

The Best Solution For Double Drip Lines!



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For California almond farmers, water is just one fight we deal with. If it’s not water, it’s regulations and legislation. Here’s the deal: A Kern County farmer dealing with all this wanted to take one of those problems off the table. This farmers had “DOUBLE DRIP” lines and knew the fight of dealing with gophers, nut/labor loss and tractor/harvest damage. This year, in just one 75 acre field, that farmer had to fix over 450 gopher breaks and 620 broken lines from tractor-sweeper damage. Knowing that hand crews are becoming extinct, that farmer, Garry McCaslin, had finally had enough. Through inspiration and ingenuity, Garry created and patented the revolutionary “Dripper Gripper”. Its purpose is to lift the water line allowing nuts to fall under the lines instead of being trapped on top of the boarder. The “Dripper Gripper” will also help against gopher and tractor-sweeper damage by keeping the lines close and lifted. Dripper Gripper may not fix every problem on the farm but by eliminating problems like this, farmers will have less headaches and more time and money to focus on the bigger problems at hand...


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Our goal isn't to make an irrigation drip system; it’s to make an existing drip system better. As farmers of habit, we get into ruts and never ask why we keep doing things the same way. Agriculture irrigation is a big deal right now. We are trying to save water and money while producing a great crop. Farmers have a lot of things to deal with; one of them should not be the drip system. That’s why we developed the “Dripper Gripper”. As we start our 2nd year helping farmers, we want to say “Thank you” for all the support and info you have given us here in the Central Valley. We hope to see you this year at the Fresno World Ag Expo. Stop by the Gripper Dripper table so we can shake your hand. – Dustin and Garry McCaslin

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